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Panda Express Aims to Raise $4M for Hurricane Relief


Panda Cares is extending its efforts originally in place to help with Hurricane Harvey to also aid those affected by Irma. Collectively, Panda Cares is committed to raising $4 million for relief efforts. Please see more details below. All proceeds will help the disaster relief efforts of those impacted by both hurricanes.

Panda Cares Foundation donation: Panda Cares will donate $1 million, split evenly to American Red Cross and The Tzu-Chi Foundation (original donation amount was $500,000 for Harvey)

In-store donation boxes: All in-store Panda Cares donations will be split between the American Red Cross and The Tzu-Chi Foundation. This program is active and will run until September 22 (original end date was September 15 for Harvey). This is applicable to all U.S. Panda Express locations with in-store Panda Cares donation boxes. Panda Cares is committed to raising $3 million through in-store donations. It has already raised more than $1.36 million of in-store donations since the start of this program on August 31.

In-kind food donations: Panda is providing in-kind food donations to shelters and emergency response teams in and around the devastated areas.

Associate pay: Panda Express will continue to pay associates who cannot work due to closures of their restaurant—this has impacted more than 1,000 associates.

View press release through this LINK.

Panda Cares is honored and humbled to do our part to positively impact the lives of underserved youth. We are committed to ensuring that future generations achieve their highest possibilities.

Winnie Chan, Director of Panda Charitable Foundation